Follow the Excellent

Follow the excellent


The European market is going throught long-standing problems, and the excellence have to be spent in economically strong markets, where the valuable products can be purchased. 

The Comm 42's team is working from many years to create a direct, functional and safe channel between European companies and financially strong worldwide buyers.


The European entrepreneurs have to start and quickly improve relations with the most receptive markets: North America, China and Hong Kong, Middle East, where Dubai is the pole of attraction of the world trades. 


 For the working group of Comm 42, the automotive has been and is the most interesting sector, because it opened relations with large industrial companies, financial groups, commercial distribution groups in China, in Hong Kong and in the United Arab Emirates.

 Now our partners and our customers have the key to open the Chinese and Hong Kong's market, the Arab countries market, the North American market. 


For a first informal contact, write an e-mail to sales department ( or to administration (, or call by phone from Europe during office hours.